torsdag 1 oktober 2009

AK and weekend plans.

So, this weekend my friend Linda is coming to visit me! I really look forward to it! It's going to be a weekend filled with good company, good food, movies, Wii and scrapping of course! :)

And so, you might wonder what AK means. It stands for Act of Kindness. I know there is something called RAK (Random Act of Kindness), but I'm not sure that that's applicable, since the person I'm handing it to isn't really picked randomly. Lol. I can't very well show it here though, I don't want to expose the surprise beforehand! I'll show you later on.

No card or LO today, just a little update. I'm sure I will have made at least one card after this weekend is through. I'll make sure to post it and share with you guys as soon as there is time. My plan is to make at least two cards, but we'll see how things work out.

Have a great weekend everyone! (Yeah, yeah, I know it's only Thursday, but still!)

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